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Pre-Packaged Retail Coffee

Pre-Packaged Retail Coffee

1 Ounce

Sold by the 14oz bag, pre-packaged for easy resale! Choose from any of our origins: Honduran, Colombian, Roaster's Choice, and Peruvian Decaf (all-natural Swiss Water Processed - chemical-free). Note: 5-bag minimum order!


All origins are available in City, Medium, and Viennese roasts. Honduran, Colombian, and Decaf are also available in Dark roast. See below for our recommendations.

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$12.00monthly/ auto-renew
  • Product Info

    • Packaged whole bean or ground
    • Pre-packaged 14oz bags
    • Locally roasted
    • Organically grown
    • Delivered by your preferred schedule
  • Roast Guide

    City: The lightest roast with the brightest tones and highest caffeine concentration.

    Medium: Middle of the road brew strength and the best black flavor expression.

    Viennese: Perfect for balanced establishments where some customers want a stronger black brew and others prefer cream and sugar. It's also our go-to for our popular Espresso!

    Dark: Recommended for establishments with frequent requests for a bold pick-me-up, or for mugs with a lot of cream and sugar. (Note: Roaster's Choice unavailable in Dark.)